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Honoring our Heroes

Exclusive Savings for Veterans and First Responders

At International Vacations, Inc., we hold immense gratitude for the dedication and sacrifices made by our veterans and first responders. We are proud to offer exclusive benefits as part of our program, designed to honor their service and provide them with well-deserved rewards. 

Photo of a father in a police uniform playing video games with his son on the couch.

Complimentary One-Year Membership

As a heartfelt expression of gratitude, we extend a complimentary one-year membership to veterans, first responders, and their immediate families, honoring their dedication and service. Our founder, John Przywara, who himself served as a police officer in the vice squad, understands firsthand the importance of your commitment. At International Vacations, Inc., we invite you to choose the program that resonates with your passions. Our one-year free membership is your gateway to transforming your love for travel into a fulfilling and rewarding career. 

A female veteran with her family.

Seamless Career Transition Or Extra Income

Our program is tailored to accommodate your unique circumstances, whether you are deployed overseas or serving your local community. By joining our community of independent travel agents, you not only have the opportunity to explore your passion for travel but also to extend a helping hand to your fellow veterans and first responders. With your understanding of their experiences and requirements, you can provide tailored recommendations and support, ensuring they have the most rewarding and stress-free travel experiences. Become part of our team and make a positive impact on the lives of your fellow service members through the world of travel.

Embrace the Rewards of Your New Journey

Experience the gratitude of our esteemed travel suppliers who extend special rates and exclusive offers to veterans and first responders. As a member of International Vacations, Inc., you’ll have access to remarkable discounts and benefits tailored to honor your service and dedication. From discounted hotel stays and upgraded amenities to exclusive cruise packages and personalized travel experiences, our network of suppliers recognizes your contributions and rewards you with exceptional savings. Your status as a veteran or first responder opens doors to unparalleled opportunities and privileged experiences that make your travel adventures even more extraordinary.

How It Works

Eligible participants include: 

  • Active-duty military personnel

  • Retired military personnel

  • Honorably discharged veterans

  • Individuals serving as police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and paramedics.

  • Immediate family members of those listed above.

To enroll in the program and access your exclusive introductory discount, simply provide the necessary proof of your service or occupation during the sign-up process. We are honored to serve those who have served us and look forward to welcoming you to the International Vacations, Inc. community.


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