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Can I Make Money Selling Travel?

One of our favorite questions to answer!

Absolutely! Travel is Back, and There is Money Waiting to be Made!

You can even earn commission on your own travel.


While online booking platforms provide convenience, they often lack the personal touch and human connection that travelers seek. The warmth of the human voice still has value. As an Independent Travel Agents with International Vacations, Inc., you have the opportunity to offer a personalized and tailored experience that resonates with your clients. By building genuine relationships, and understanding their unique preferences, you become an indispensable resource. Your expertise and ability to go above and beyond ensure that clients receive personalized care and attention throughout their travel adventures.

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Planning travel can become overwhelming, that's where we step in.

The abundance of options available online can overwhelm travelers, making it challenging to find the perfect fit for their needs. As an Independent Travel Agent, you become a trusted guide, navigating the vast landscape of travel possibilities. Your in-depth knowledge, industry connections, and firsthand experiences empower you to curate customized itineraries, recommend hidden gems, and provide expert advice. By sifting through the noise and presenting tailored options, you simplify the decision-making process for your clients, saving them valuable time and energy.

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We've got the perks your clients want

One of the notable advantages of being an International Vacations, Inc. Independent Travel Agent is the access to exclusive benefits and perks that online platforms often cannot offer. The primary benefit lies in your access to our owners' wealth of industry experience spanning over 75 years, along with their extensive network of supplier relationships. They've seen just about everything you can imagine in travel. These exclusive advantages elevate your client's travel experiences, creates lasting impressions, and set you apart from the online-only booking competition. By adding value to their journeys, you solidify your position as a trusted advisor and create a loyal client base.

What Sets Us Apart from Traditional Agencies?

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